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Consulting in the Field of Innovation Management

The constant introduction of improvements and new solutions is the key to a company’s development and the best way to success. Although putting new products into use seems an easy task, without appropriate innovation management, it might never bring tangible benefits to a company. INVUP GROUP helps implement effectively strategies to improve our clients’ products and services. We also advise on how to fully use the potential of given solutions.

The Design Thinking is a method that shows companies how to look at customers’ needs or problems simultaneously from many perspectives, focusing on the emotions of customers . The purpose of this method is to create an original solution and a basic prototype that will allow your company to check immediately the assumed hypotheses. It is a perfect solution for all companies that work in innovation and that wish to create solutions that truly respond users’ needs. INVUP GROUP offers consultations in prototyping and the application of the Design Thinking method.

INVUP GROUP offers market analyses, using the newest available methods. Our analyses allow us to note the market’s regularities and processes, which allows us to draw accurate conclusions. Thanks to our approach, we can forecast future changes and determine the most efficient-oriented directions of the company’s development.

Nowadays, running platforms and portals on the internet is an integral part of the process of managing a company and its brand. Our specialists know perfectly well how to use effectively the potential of the internet.

In each company efficient scaling is conditioned by the synchronized development of elements making up the whole structure and bringing profits. Experts from INVUP GROUP know how to scale up in order to achieve a profitable level of production. They will be happy to advise you on what steps to take and what solutions should be implemented in order to gradually develop your business.

Large corporations and a small enterprises, should use the great opportunities that come from implementation of specialized IT services such as : automatization, digitalization that increase the efficiency of given processes. INVUP GROUP provides clients with advice in the field of specialized design of IT services so that they can be effectively used for business development.

INVUP GROUP has a great experience project management. We can guide your company and assist you with your existing projects. We will be happy to help you to manage projects in a more efficient way. We are able to advise you and support your company at any stage of project management.

INVUP GROUP conducts analyses of companies’ existing marketing and demand creation strategies. This allows us to provide you with an objective evaluation of the applied solutions, a summary of activities, and valuable conclusions. If necessary INVUP GROUP will propose innovative solutions, which will bring better marketing results and higher profits to your company.

Teamwork in any company is the best way to achieve set goals, but it is necessary to effectively manage teamwork, so its full potential may be reached. INVUP GROUP helps companies to understand a group’s dynamics and show how to develop a high level of commitment and cooperation in teams.

INVUP GROUP knows perfectly well the importance of teamwork in achieving a common goal, as well as the motivation of the team members. We can help build high levels of motivation among team members.

Teamwork skills among employees bring many benefits, but it is equally important to give your team a great leader who will be able to set goals and effectively motivate colleagues to act. INVUP GROUP offers methods to help your company choose the right team leaders and fully utilize their talents.

In business, negotiations or mediations are a natural parts of a company’s life. Lack of experience in these fields can have fatal consequences for a company. INVUP GROUP is a company with extensive experience in business negotiations. We offer our clients crucial advice in these areas.

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